In the media sector, reputation plays a hugely important role in selecting the right media partners which is why we are delighted to announce the International Media Image Survey, 2014. I-MIS is a unique study providing insight into reputations and perceptions around both international network media agencies and media brands.

I-MIS 2014 is supported by Warc, M&M Global, the IAA, Loudmouth PR, InSites Consulting and Audience Science. It is a global survey and is being mailed to 40,000+ CMO's, agency executives and media brands across the industry.

Why don't you have your say? Help shape the future of the industry and fill in the I-MIS 2014 questionnaire!

Fieldwork will open on April 28th to pre-register, please click here » For the press release and key findings from 2013, please click here »

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